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MTV No Chill/Evergreen Reel

A selection of copywritten content produced for MTV / MTV No Chill

Copyright MTV 2015-16

MTV No Chill was an experimental multiplatform project commissioned by Richard Turley at MTV to inject vibrant, creative energy into weekday rerun television programming integrating pre-written and designed original content with live broadcasting and social media outreach.  Each weekday, we were given a 1.5 hour block of MTV programming (reruns) to first remix/disrupt, and then stretch into 2 hour blocks by inserting original live action or animated videos, written and produced in our studios, along with a curated selection of music videos and chirons or news tickers that were written and released live, in reaction to ongoing call-and-response correspondence with the engaged audience members on Twitter.

MTV No Chill

“MTV No Chill is a 6-foot party sub assembled by toddlers. It’s a stock photo that crawls out of your screen and texts “you up?” to random numbers when you’re asleep. It’s re-appropriated re-mixed re-runs re-animated. It's the viking funeral that the giant laptop on Ridiculousness deserves. It’s the global toilet overflow caused by the whole world smashing the fucckken like at once. It’s the music of Missy Elliott back on your TV. It’s La Croix with lean in it. It’s on your television from 6–8 tonight on MTV.” 

Copyright MTV 2015-16

STILLS: Copy for News Interstitials / Voice Content 2015-16

Additional work: @MTVNews Instagram & @MTVNoChill Twitter

Also Copyedited: Surround Audience Exhibition Catalogue for the New Museum Triennial
                             The Animated Reader: Poetry of “Surround Audience”, an anthology ed. by Brian Droitcour

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